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New Member Form 2024-2025

Welcome Home

At Temple Beth El (TBE), we make a big place feel like a family. We are a community where children, parents, loving family members, and dear friends come together to share in the values of the Torah. Our congregation is nourished by the voices of each generation singing as one. At TBE, we apply Judaism’s timeless teachings to today’s challenges. We continue to learn and grow at every age. Our congregation is restless for justice and committed to compassion. We are here for one another in sorrow and in joy; a home of hope and healing. Each of us contributes to the strength of our community. Our history and our traditions serve as sources of pride. We are partners in a rich, 80-year history and co-creators of a bright Jewish future. Temple Beth El is where we belong and become.

So we can honor you with a blessing in milestone years!

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Please include grown children, as well as those living at home. 
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New Members Requesting a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date
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Emergency Contact (not living with you)

Previous Congregational Involvement

Yahrzeits are observed and announced at the religious service during the week of the date of death. Please list names of those immediate family members (parents, grandparents, children, and siblings) you wish remembered. Please indicate which date you prefer to observe.
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My Temple Commitment
Please fill out the Commitment Review Form in addition to the New Member Form for your membership to be processed.

Please contact Amy Fine, Membership and Engagement Manager, with any questions or concerns.
Base Commitment

    *Age is determined by the oldest member in the family. **A security fee of $200 will be assessed to each
     membership. Payment plans are available.

    *Temple Beth El is a 501(c3) non-profit. All Commiment dollars are tax-deductible.

Get Involved

As a member of Temple Beth El, I understand that I am making a commitment to sustain this congregation and to ensure a bright future for our children and generations to come. I further understand that the Temple depends on this My Temple Commitment, and I pledge to fulfill my financial obligation on or before June 30, 2024.
Auto Renewal

I give Temple Beth El permission to continue charging my account or credit card annually using the method and timing indicated above. The amount may increase each year at a maximum of 4% (in alignment with MTC increases) without additional permission. I will notify TBE if I wish to stop automatic payments on my account.
Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784