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My Temple Commitment 2019-2020

My Temple Commitment Form 2019-2020
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

For any community to thrive, we must all do our part. My Temple Commitment is Temple's primary source of revenue. Our annual commitments pay for our clergy and staff salaries, youth and adult education, cover our operating expenses, care for our building, and underwrite our programs. Our base commitment covers a portion of Temple's operating expenses. Sustainers help to make Temple financially accessible for all and allow us to fully meet our financial obligations. We ask you to commit to making Temple a priority by giving at a level that is significant to you. My Temple Commitment is a way for us to partner and co-create a bright Jewish future. 

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Step 1: Choose Your My Temple Commitment

Base Commitment
What if I cannot afford Temple's Base Commitment?

Our commitments are a significant source of revenue that help to pay for our clergy and staff salaries, cover our day-to-day operating expenses, care for our building, and underwrite programs, We ask that you support our congregation to the best of your ability by making a base commitment. If you would like to give at a Sustainer level, please skip this section and complete the Sustainer section below.


Temple Beth El remains committed to being accessible to every person seeking Jewish community. It has always been our policy that financial capacity will never be a barrier to membership. If you cannot afford to pay one of the annual commitment levels, please complete the Temple Beth El Commitment Review FormYour information will be held in the strictest confidence and reviewed anonymously by a small committee. 

All congregants who are able to give at a level above the Base level of Commitment are encouraged to do so. If you are able to give an additional amount, but not at the Sustainer level, please enter this additional amount in the box below. We greatly appreciate these generous gifts which enable Temple Beth El to assist individuals and families who are unable to meet the Base level of Commitment so that cost is not a barrier to living Jewish lives. 

Sustainer Commitment
Sustainers are congregants who are giving above the base commitments. The generous donations of Sustainers enables Temple Beth El to assist individuals and families who are unable to meet the base level of commitment so that cost is not a barrier to living Jewish lives and no child is turned away from Jewish education. We are greatly appreciative of our Sustainers. Please see the giving levels in the table below and enter the amount of your pledge below. 



Security Fee
Temple Beth El has added a security fee of $6/month or $72/year for all membership categories due to the increase in security at our temple. This year, security costs for Temple Beth El's building will reach $84,000. The increase in security is critical given the dynamics in our world. Your safety, and that of your family, is our highest priority. This fee is separate from the Foundation of Shalom Park Security Fee. 

Associate Membership
Associate Members have a primary synagogue to which they pay full membership, and Temple Beth El is their secondary synagogue. We will verify your primary membership with the other synagogue. 

Total 2019-2020 My Temple Commitment

Step 2: Choosing Your Billing Option

Step 3: Choosing Your Form of Payment 
If payment by Stock Donation is selected, we ask that you call the controller at 704-366-1948 in advance of the actual donation so that we may properly apply your donation to your commitment. 

Please complete the following fields if you would like to keep a credit card on file at Temple Beth El.
If at any time, your card expires or is compromised, please notify Temple Beth El so we can update our records. 

Account Number 
Account Expiration Date
Billing Address
Zip Code

Signature Required
As a member of Temple Beth El, I understand that I am making a full year financial commitment to support the congregation. Additionally, I understand that Temple Beth El depends upon this commitment, and I will fulfill my financial obligation on or before JUNE 30, 2020. If I am unable to do so, I agree to contact Temple Beth El to make alternative arrangements. 

Before you hit SUBMIT
Upon hitting the SUBMIT button, the next window you will see will ask you to choose either "Bill to Account" or "Credit Card". Choosing "Bill to Account" only posts your total annual commitment to your account for payment at a later time. Choosing "Credit Card" invites you to pay for your total annual commitment with your credit card on file at the temple or by entering your credit card information at that moment.
By checking this box, I confirm that I have read the instructions regarding submission, and I understand if I click ""Bill to Account", the charges will only be posted, but if I click "Credit Card" or "e-check", the entire amount will be charged immediately.
Fri, October 18 2019 19 Tishrei 5780