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Grad Shabbat Lock-in Registration for Non-LIBERTY Members

Membership in LIBERTY or affiliation with another Youth Group is required to participate in any overnight LIBERTY event.  Because of this we require contact information for a professional (Advisor, Director, Clergy member) connected to the youth group your child is affiliated with.

If you are a Temple Beth El member and your child is not affiliated with another youth group please register as a LIBERTY Member and for the Purim Prom lock-in by visiting


Parent Information

Advisor or other Jewish Professional Information

Either Phone Number or Email

Youth Information

Temple Beth El may publish individual photos/videos of your child(ren) in Temple Beth El publications, in CJN or other newspapers, on the website, or other social media with secure and restricted public access, and on school bulletin boards.  If you DO NOT wish to have your child's photograph published, please check this box.  Note:  All students may appear in photos/videos that showcase whole classes or multiple student groups.

Children's Medical Information and Release

Your answers are held in complete confidence with the Director of Education.  Being as honest and thorough as possible allows us to provide the best environment for your child(ren).

If you are registering more than one child, please indicate which child you are referring to.


I/we will indemnify, save harmless and defend Temple Beth El, its officers, directors, agents, and employees, from all liability from loss, damage, or injury to persons or property in any manner arising out of or incident to the performance of this agreement including without limitation all consequential damages and/or attorney's fees.  in the event of a medical emergency and I/we cannot be reached, I/we hereby give permission to the physician selected by the Temple agent to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for my child(ren) as named herein.

In the event your child becomes ill or injured and we are unable to reach a parent, please provide two emergency contacts (one of these could be a 2nd parent of guardian).  We will always attempt to reach parents first.

Thu, December 5 2019 7 Kislev 5780